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Wampus Butte, OR | Mar 2022

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
Data Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
Cellular Provider: 
APRS Coverage: 
Don't know

WARNING: Google Maps will route you on a road that is no longer publically accessible.

After activating Tumalo Mountain (W7O/CM-011), I proceeded south to Wampus Butte (W7O/CM-095) for another activation and winter bonus.  This summit had not been activated since 2014 and significant changes have occured.

Somehow NF-4320 has become blocked by a private gate with posted No Trespassing.  Instead, the route you want comes around from the north on E Deschutes Rd and the intersection with NF-600.  You can drive a ways east on NF-600 until there is a nasty washout and passenger cars will want to park on the side of the road and hike the remaining 1.2 miles.  The road after the washout is in good condition but I did not wish to try my luck in my dear wife's car and get it stuck.

The road up follows a set of power lines for 1 mile until a left turn going up the last little bit to the summit.  There is a cell tower on the summit which provided excellent 5G service.

I was able to work a few 2m stations down in La Pine and then setup 20m EFHW and worked a few more.  Since I was on a schedule to meet up with Greg KJ7EHA on Pringle Butte (W7O/CM-094), I packed up and headed down.

NOTE: This summit is also within the Deschutes National Forest (K-4378) for POTA folks.