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Garwood Butte, OR | July 2023

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

See Etienne's report for more details.  I wanted to add just a few words on the road condition to the upper trailhead (road 370).  

It is definitely high clearance and 4WD recommended, quite bumpy with large ruts in places.

However, we made it here and were able to park 500 ft east (43.140115, -122.280369) of the upper trailhead (43.139310, -122.281990).

One other note, if watching your progress against existing trail maps, there is a new trail segment that veers west and switches back.  It is quite a ways off what the maps show so I elected to go straight up.

The lookout is in the process of being restored.  When you visit it may be in better condition.  It still looked pretty sketchy as of July 2023.  We setup in its shadow and made our contacts with the YL group on Cinnamon Butte  (W7O/CS-036).