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Cape Horn Peak, ID | Oct 2023

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

I recently had the occasion to spend some time in Northern Idaho and while there I activated this summit.

The road up to the summit starts from Hwy 95, heading East on Hwy 54 and North on N Perimeter and East again on Bayview Rd to N Cherokee Rd and north following that up.  N Cherokee Rd is also shown as FS 297 on Google Maps.  The road condition is not great with many ruts down the middle.  I had to straddle the ruts in many cases.  A high-clearance vehicle is probably required.

I parked at 48.000031, -116.529975 mostly because there was a large pond in the road by continuing and I didn't feel like possibly getting stuck.  There is a spur that head to the right there which I took for a while and then bushwhacked uphill.

At some point, I reached another logging road and used that for a bit before continuing to bushwhack.  The summit has been clearcut and there are many boot/game trails to follow uphill.

On the summit are the foundation blocks for a long gone firewatch structure.  I found half a tree sticking up to which I attached my Spiderbeam and EFHW.

Once on the air, I was able to quickly make quite a few QSO.  The propagation conditions were probably enabled by the solar eclipse earlier that morning. I was able to work France and also Spain for the first time on SSB.

The weather had been threatening to drip on me and the wind picked up a bit so I wrapped up and headed down.

A second easy summit nearby is the Little Blacktail Mountain (W7I/NP-138).  See my trip report here.