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2065, OR | June 2024

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Spotty, may not work at all
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Spotty, may not work at all
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Some stations received, but no digi echos

This is another peak in the Stimson family of parcels, specifically the region they call "Wildcat/Munson Creek". Pleasantly, this parcel is open to recreational walk-in access all days of the week from sunrise to sunset. Note though as with all Stimson property, it will be closed during the summer fire season starting at IFPL2 and higher. Access aside, it's a pleasant enough hike and nice open summit but not much for views. The ascent takes you around the back of Munsen Falls State Park. The path is a 2.3 mile hike one-way with 1700ft gain.

 Driving directions:

  1. Follow standard directions to Munsen Falls State Park, slightly south of Tillamook. The last turn off Hwy 101 is onto Munsen Creek Rd.
  2. After 1 mile on the road, take the left at the fork (following the sign toward the state park), then another left at the following fork a few hundred feet later (45.36575, -123.78143). The park is to the right side of the second fork.
  3. Continue another half mile to a clearing and fork with a gate to the right. This is the parking area. (45.36807, -123.77429)

Hike through the gate and follow the mainline road for 2 miles. Route posted on sotamaps/SOTLAS. There are a few forks but it's pretty clearly the main road throughout, or take the right-hand path where unsure, curving around the back of the state park. At just shy of 2 miles (45.35524, -123.74847), take a left at the fork to ascend on a slightly less maintained spur. This final ascent is about a quarter mile and ends in a wide open meadow of the flat summit. The roads are all well-graded and graveled, with a mix of solid hillclimbs and a few flats. Although a little short, it would make a fine bike route.

There is plenty of room and places to anchor a mast. The nursery trees are short and sappy, likely unpleasant to use for hanging a wire directly.

Because Stimson provides a public easement through their property, it appears that one could start from the parking spot and drive about 5 miles to  Beaver Point W7O/NC-017 on State Forest land, but we didn't test that path.