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4420, OR | July 2023

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

W7O/CE-300, aka 4420, is located in the Crooked River National Grassland just north of Smith Rock State Park. It is a moderate hike but due to the difficult access, I would qualify this as a intermediate SOTA. It could be approached via foot, off-road vehicle/motorcycle, 4x4 horse or bicycle. The hike up once off trail is off-camber but is very navigable. I would suggest trekking poles for help with footing. Once on the summit ridge, its an easy hike to the top. I rode my mountain bike and it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the top from the Skull Hollow trail head. I would think it would be closer to 2 hours on foot. I saw evidence of UTV / motorcycle usage up to the point where I dropped my bike, but I haven't any idea how long that would take. Great views and plenty of operating positions are available in the ample AZ. 2M was hopping with activators in the Willamette Valley and Northern Cascades on the Saturday morning I was there so one could easily activate without HF with planning.

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