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Video Trip Report Sauk Mtn

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Here is my video trip report from August 11, 2012 of Sauk Mountain in Skagit County, WA.  This is a relativaly easy hike (less than 2 miles, about 1,200 ft. of gain) and is right off of Highway 20 near Concrete, WA.  If you're traveling over the Cascade Pass, it's a must do.  Be aware that it's a very popular hike. 

The true summit is a bit of an exposed scramble, however, you can avoid that and still be within the activation zone.  If you're feeling adventerous, start early, take a light pack and activate Bald Mtn, W7W/SK-097 as well.  Another option is to do an overnight and stay at Sauk Lake, between the two peaks.

Note that this hike should not be attempted until the snow is completely melted off the west side of the mountain as it's extremely steep if you step off the trail.

Here's the video:


Todd, W7TAO