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Mt. Erie - An easy "Must Do" from Anacortes, WA

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If you're visiting the scenic mariner town of Anacortes, or passing through on your way to the San Juan Island ferry, Mt. Erie is a quick easy 1 pointer with great views.

This summit can be reached via a paved road all the way to the top, or park at the bottom and utilitze the extensive network of trails to reach the summit.  Once there, I set up on the south side of the hill, a rocky area looking at Whidbey Island and Lake Campbell.  Tall fir trees lie just behind the rocks, perfect for wire antenna deployment. 


From the main drag of Anacortes (Commercial Ave), turn West on 29th street and check your odometer.  29th  turns south and becomes "H" Ave and then Hart Lake Road.  After 2.8 miles turn left on Ray Auld Drive where you will quickly see the trail head sign and the road that turns left up the hill.  This road to the top is about 1.6 miles long with turnouts for parking along the way.  There is ample parking at the top.  From the top parking lot, hike about 75 yards south to find the rock outcropping with views.

Alternate Route:

If you are approaching from Burlington, turn left on Hwy 20 towards Oak Harbor/Whidbey Island (this is well signed and about 3 miles before reaching Anacortes).  Continue 1.8 miles and turn right on Campbell Lake Road.  Continue 1.4 miles and stay to the right at a "Y" turning to Hart Lake Road.  Reach Ray Auld Drive and the park entrance at 1.3 miles.