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Bear Camp Summit (4300), OR | Oct 2020

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Bear Camp Summit is a name I have given this peak which is just off of Bear Camp Road (NF-23). Bear Camp road is famous to river runners as the shuttle road when doing the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue river. It is infamous for the Kim family tragedy. Don't attempt this activation in winter.
One could do this activation without the car leaving the pavement, but I drove a bit further to a bermed off skid road. From there it is about a mile and 600 feet of elevation gain to the summit. The going was a bit tough as the grass was as high as an activator's eye and there were several deep cross trenches to get past, but it was a road and there is no fear of getting off track.

To get there go about a mile east of Galice, Oregon and turn south onto Galice Creek road (42.5647, -123.5974). This road will put you on bear camp road . The turn off of Bear Camp Road is at (42.6016,-123.7676), park here or drive a bit further on good gravel to (42.6046, -123.7746).
From there it is about one mile round trip and 600 feet of elevation gain.

Bear Camp Summit Skid Road
Map to Summit