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2860 OR | June 2024

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Don't know
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

This summit is a complete Priusable drive up. The actual summit is a few hundred feet distant with about 40 feet of gain, so the road is in the activation zone. Getting to the top is an easy bushwhack through recently logged open forest. To get there find the Mckenzie River and highway 126 whch runs along it.

Turn off of the highway 126 at 44.2371, -122.05542 onto NF-2654 which is paved for a while.

Take a right at 44.2502, -122.0607 to cross Deer Creek.

Take another right onto NF-2655 at 44.2554, -122.0577.

Final right at 44.2584, -122.05348 onto 616.

Note that there are some spurs, but stay on the main road and keep your uphill bias working. (Just noticed that caltopo shows a gate at the final right turn. Although we were stopped on this trip by gates, road closures, and active logging, at this point the gate must have been open. I don't remember it.)