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East Tonga Ridge, WA | Oct. 2020

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
No service at all
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No service at all
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Full two-way messaging

East Tonga Ridge is best paired with nearby Mt. Sawyer (KG-052). It is quite a bushwhack to get to the summit of East Tonga, but worth it!

The drive in from HWY 2 is very straightforward. I recommend you read WW7D's report for a good description:


My friend Chris, N1CLC was in town for a visit and wanted to hit a summit or two. We decided to give Sawyer/East Tonga a try. WW7D was along as well. WX was low 50's with a heavy overcast, but no rain. We were hiking in several inches of snow for most of the trip. 

Here is a good write-up with photos from N1CLC's blog:


We had an excellent trip and I highly recommend this pair of summits. Note, none of us had cell service on East Tonga (AT&T and Verzion) but APRS worked great.