Mt. Rainier National Park

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Activating Elizabeth Ridge in Mt. Rainier National Park


I've had my eye on Elizabeth Ridge since first noticing it two years ago during an activation of nearby Tolmie Peak (W7W/RS-035). This 5,500' summit rises sharply just across the road from the trail head one takes to Tolmie Peak. Starting at the road in front of Mowich Lake, the summit is only 500' vertically, but this is over a distance of 0.3 to 0.4 miles. This could be a short (but not necessarily quick and easy) hike during the summer after doing Tolmie Peak. A winter or spring activation adds 4.5 miles (each way) and 1200' of elevation because the road is closed and snow covered.

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Activating Pinnacle Peak, WA 9/27/2012


Fred Beckey's book, 'Cascade Alpine Guide' tells readers that Pinnacle Peak is not the highest in the Tatoosh peaks, but Pinnacle's central position and attractive form have made it the most popular ascent in Mt Rainier National Park.  He's right about that...