RF intensive summit

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Walker Mountain, OR | June 2023


June 2023 Update: NF 9402 has been gravelled and runoff strips installed. In all other respects, previous reports still apply, however.

The last stretch of this driveup, on NF 9402 was previously reported as deep dust and silt. I'm happy to report that this road has been gravelled and water runoff strips installed for erosion control. This makes the drive pretty manageable. 

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NS7P activation of Badger Mountain on 27 May 2016


Badger Mountain, W7O/CC-057, is a one point summit that is a repeater/cell tower complex at the end of a 2.2 mile logging road. It isn't particlarly atteractive, unless you like to look at towers.  Access can be a bit tricky.  See below.