Drive-up Summit

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Walker Mountain, OR | June 2023


June 2023 Update: NF 9402 has been gravelled and runoff strips installed. In all other respects, previous reports still apply, however.

The last stretch of this driveup, on NF 9402 was previously reported as deep dust and silt. I'm happy to report that this road has been gravelled and water runoff strips installed for erosion control. This makes the drive pretty manageable. 

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Orr Mountain, CA | June 2023


I was driving back to Portland from Northern California and taking Highway 97 for the scenic beauty. There are a number of 4 and 6 point summits in the region with easy-ish access, so I thought I'd try one or two along the way. A forest service employee recommended Orr Mountain, which has great views, a nice open area at the top and an active fire lookout. 

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Monumental Mountain, WA | June 2021


Easy drive-up 6-pointer on good roads. I give this summit 4 out of 5 Priuses for easy access. Park at the gate where the spur road to the towers leaves Monumental Mountain Road. You could also MTB / Gravel Bike from Orin-Rice road, about 4 miles to the top. Nice views on the way up but I chose to set up in the shade a few yards below the towers at the top.

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Sula Peak, Montana | 16May2020


At less than 4 miles of good road off Highway 93, Sula Peak is a popular ‘travelers’ summit for drive-up VHF DN25/DN35 and SOTA activations.  A modern US Forest lookout and a communications facility occupy the summit.  Frequently there are bighorn sheep grazing in the area and especially in the spring on the highway.