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Mount Sylvania, OR | Popular Summit

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Good digi echos

This has been the most popular SOTA activation in Oregon with about 64 activations as of October 2017. Easy to reach, it's a recommended 'first time' summit in the Portland area for new activators. The park is near 6 Nansen Summit, Lake Oswego, and parking can be found near 16 Becket Street or 3 Juarez Street, Lake Oswego.

This SOTA peak is in a suburban neighborhood with Nansen Summit Park at the peak. It's a 'pavement activation' but pleasant because of the park. Note that the park is closed from 10PM to 6AM and is very popular with walkers and joggers in all kinds of weather. You may be asked what you are doing - by passers by (or by the police). You may also get a parking 'ticket' from the patrol from nearby Portland Community College (likely only be a warning).

A bench with a view to the southwest makes a comfortable operating position and the RFI from nearby houses is usually tolerable on the HF bands. Antennas are easy to set up but stringing antennas in trees isn't recommended as most trees appear to be "on" private property surrounding the park.

N4EX/P activates Mount Sylvania May 2012
KD7WD activates Mount Sylvania February 2013
The bench as an operating position
K7NIT on Mount Sylvania
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