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Mount Hebo, OR | July 2012

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If you are headed from Portland to Lincoln City, this could be your activation on the way. Or the way back. It's a drive up on a decent dirt and gravel road with the potential for a nice view at the top.

Take Highway 22 from the Willamette Valley towards the coast and just before the tiny town of Hebo and a quarter mile short of the intersection with Highway 101, turn right on Mt. Hebo Road.
After about 7.9 miles on this gravel road (suitable for any vehicle) you'll reach an apparent summit with radio installations. This location does NOT appear to be in the Activation Zone, you must continue another
2.2 miles (total of 10.1) and walk past the gate about 50 meters to the AZ, or about 0.2 miles to the actual summit. There are no radio installations to bother you here.