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Table Mountain, OR | May 2020

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Table Mountain is an easy, near drive to, summit with one of the best views in my opinion. You are looking down at Howard Prairie and Hyatt lake, with a fabulous view Mt. Mcloughlin on your left and Mt. Shasta on your right. Since this is near my home area it is a great place for us to look at all the summits we have done and want to do. See what still has snow, what is open. I guess a bit sentimental when I look down at the area as this area around Howard Prairie, the Rogue River NF area, my father worked at through the USFS for 30 years.  I know this area better than any area when it comes to exploring the mountains. You can see several SOTA summits in the Greensprings area, Klamath area, the Siskiyous, and even to Crater Lake rim on a clear day. I truly love this mountain lookout  point.

There are only few trees on the summit but plenty of rock. There is an old lookout, towers, communication equipment on the summit. I think I had a little interference when on 20m ssb but not significant.

Roads are not marked really well but  most mapping systems will take you right there, either coming from the Dead Indian Memorial Rd entrance at Burnt Creek BLM road, or the Hyatt Lake side via Table Mt Snow Park Rd. Buck Prairie Rd from the DIM summit/pass is a very good paved road most of the way also, however, take a map or navigation as there are a few forks to be aware of. Buck Prairie merges to Table Mt Rd. the same road that goes on through to the Hyatt Lake side.  Leaving via Buck Prairie is pretty self explanatory and a nice drive.

Table Mt you may choose to park lower. A tough parking area and turnaround. There was a sign of gate ahead, park before you get too close to that if the sign is still up.

Below are pictures from both Oct 2019 and May 2020- AG7GP/Amy




DO NOT confuse CS-073 with the other ELEVEN Oregon summits with TABLE in the name - FIVE of which are exactly called "Table Mountain."-K7ATN

N7HAP and Maggie taking a peaceful rest