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3739, OR February 2021

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This was an easy summit I was surprised I could get to and that it had not been done already. Some of the BLM land in this area is somwhat landlocked by private land and I was anticipating the same for this one but you could drive almost to the summit. Just before you reach the summit take the the time to go to the right to a clearing that looks over Sterling Creek area and you can see the beautiful Red Buttes. Great park like area to work from that is pretty flat with tall timber and some big logs to sit on. There is a jeep road that is not on maps that goes to the top. I did not see this when I went up, instead drove to the last gate which was closed, but did come down on the jeep road. Total of about 1 mile hike RT if you park at the big open flat at the bottom of this jeep road.

Follow maps up to Griffin Ln. then turn right on BLM 38-2-21(Murphy Sterling Dv Rd on some maps), there are a bunch of mailboxes at this intersection. At "Sterling Overlook 1" there is a big opening. I recommend parking here and you will see the dirt road going up to the peak, again, it is not a road on any maps I saw. Enjoy! de AG7GP