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Mud Springs Mountain, OR May 2022

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UPDATE: I loaded a partial drive and hike track. Also the road goes on through to west of the summit with a spur road that you can make this a drive up. Never bothered before. You can also exit west side (a bit rocky) to either go find your way to Grizzly Mt or get back to 66. Watch for wild horses and be aware they do not like dogs and will charge! 



I went to do Mud Springs as a new activation after doing Chase. I typically do Chase and Hamaker but I was at 994 points and didn't want to do a late activation as my MG activation so went to this 2 point mountain instead. It is a bit of a drive for 2 points alone so I have ignored it in the past. It was a nice short little hike. Some views through the trees including a glimpse of Shasta. We parked at the south side of the mountain and hiked up, only about 1/4 mi up is my estimation. Plenty of area to set up, can pick shade or sun.

This area is almost all Green Diamond and some roads may close during the winter. From 66 take W Branch Rd south. I think there may have been a sign for Mud Springs but not sure. You'll drive a gravel and cinder road for a ways, keep map as there are a lot of roads in the area, basically keep right, to Mud Springs Rd. A little bit before the "trailhead" you will pass a big cinder dugout  pit/cliff which is very visible on satellite mapping.


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