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Mud Springs Mountain, OR May 2022

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I went to do Mud Springs as a new activation after doing Chase. I typically do Chase and Hamaker but I was at 994 points and didn't want to do a late activation as my MG activation so went to this 2 point mountain instead. It is a bit of a drive for 2 points alone so I have ignored it in the past. It was a nice short little hike. Some views through the trees including a glimpse of Shasta. We parked at the south side of the mountain and hiked up, only about 1/4 mi up is my estimation. Plenty of area to set up, can pick shade or sun.

This area is almost all Green Diamond and some roads may close during the winter. From 66 take W Branch Rd south. I think there may have been a sign for Mud Springs but not sure. You'll drive a gravel and cinder road for a ways, keep map as there are a lot of roads in the area, basically keep right, to Mud Springs Rd. A little bit before the "trailhead" you will pass a big cinder dugout  pit/cliff which is very visible on satellite mapping.


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