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McDonald Peak, OR 2019, '20, '21

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I can't believe I missed reviewing McDonald in the past. I love McDonald Peak. It is a beautiful stroll from RD 20 on a nice trail, great view, great flora in summer time. It was one peak I spent some time at in 2019 and realized SOTA was where I belonged in radio. Sitting in the flower covered slope enjoying the view. Easy set up among a mix of slopes and boulders.

McDonald  I estimate to be just over 1mi RT in and out trail if that is all you are doing. I will put a link on here for info on doing McDonald and Wagner together via Split Rock Trail. This is probably how I will do the two this year, 2022, in July. When I did this route with K7GT, Kj7GFN in 2020, the blooms were fantastic and it was a very enjoyable trail.

If at McDonald you can easily squeeze in a 2nd summit or even 3rd along the Siskiyou Crest. They are all worth it in my opinion. Pics are from 3 activations, 3 different months of the year so all different. If I only had time for one, Mt Ashland or McDonald, I would choose Mcdonald. Mt A may have slightly better view (or just different) but McD has no rfi and a bit of timber.

de AG7GP

See 2020 update in this link for doing McDonald to Wagner. It would be about 12mi hike RT


Rd 20 is gated past lodge area during winter months.

Mt Ashland