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Weaver Mountain, OR Sept 2022

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Spotty, may not work at all
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No service at all
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Don't know

Weaver would possibly be a bit easier with some trail maintenance but the real challenge is the last ascent. Basically all of the 1000' gain is in the last half mile out of about 2 miles OW. Park at the trailhead for Rogue/Umpqua Divide Trail 43.04046, -122.45929. You will hike around the westside of Jackass Mountain then start hiking around the eastside of another peak between Jackass and Weaver. This is where it gets tricky. I continued down trail and then went off trail to summit and it was pretty difficult. Probably best to start taking the ridge up at the interesection of the Divide Trail and Rocky Rim Trail (there was a sign. A lot of windfall. It is all ugly burn scar. Some beautiful views though. Tracks on sotamaps. You can see I took a different route coming down, more down the ridge until I found a open meadowy area to trek down to the trail, avoiding all the windfall. I still think I possibly should have took the ridge further before cutting down to trail

I went very early and arrived at Rabbit Ears right at sunrise and it was spectacular. Decent road going up most of the way. From 230 turn on 6515, if googling, google Rabbit ears to get headed in correct direction. After you pass Rabbit Ears a ways you will turn right on RD 530, Herschberger LO Rd. There is a gate but it was open when I went. After this turn the road gets a bit rough but not horrible. mainly just water bars, especially if you choose to take it all the way to the Lookout

This entire area is poor cell coverage and difficult to get out on 2m too. If you make it to Weaver give enough time to drive up to Herschberger, a nice lookout.

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