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Ball Mountain, CA Aug 2023

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It had been 4 years since I went down to do Ball Mt and I'm not sure why I don't get down here more. Ball is a great <2mi RT hike on a gated lookout road. I love the lookout on Ball. There are great views with ample space and choice of location in the AZ, exposed around LO or go down into the trees a little. Each time I have gone I have also done Willow Creek Mt and this trip added Eagle Rock also. All can be done in a day if you plan accordingly.

I come from I-5 and follow directions out through Montague hitting FR 3 (York Rd becomes Route 3), then a right on FR 70. The paved road is in poor condition for a paved road, lots of asphalt gone so lots of potholes. Overhaul I find the roads to not be too bad in the area. If coming from 97 start on FR 70 and go NW. There are 2 roads up to the look gate. The first time I took the more northern one  at 41.81403, -122.18986 and vaguely remembered it to be very rocky so this time we took 46N08 at 41.78729, -122.17752, and it was pretty good.


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