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3537, WA | April, 2021

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

3537 is a 4-pointer right off Marble Mountain Sno-Park, and despite the busy climbing season it is easily possible to get in here and activate it. You might combine this with a summit of nearby LC-075, if you are feeling especially ambitious.

To get here, take I-5 to Woodland, then SR 503 which becomes SR-503 Spur, which turns into NF-90; turn left onto NF-83 and drive 6 miles to Marble Mountain Sno-Park.

I parked in the Marble Mountain overflow lot at about 46.1295, -122.1704, which is really just a wide part of the marked road NF 8312. I hiked NF-8312 to the junction with 8312-120, at 46.1245, -122.1546, to the saddle at about 46.1186, -122.1662, then turned east and followed the ridge straight to the top.

The first river crossing is out, at 46.1298, -122.1629, and what was once a bridge now has only two steel beams, tied together, the only remaining guard rail from this bridge. This is wobbly but moving carefully, slowly, and deliberately planting trekking poles or a very sturdy stick in the fast-moving water, you can use this safely.

The second marked river crossing is an extant bridge, crossed with no problem.

NF-8312 is frequented by snowmobiles in the winter. In fact, they found some way around this lack of a bridge, so if you figure out the route they take you can probably cross it more easily. This also means the snow may be well packed for you, but you should pay attention to it.

NF-8312-120 is somewhat encroached by trees, but it is a clear trail all the way to the saddle beneath the summit; there are a few sidings but the trail is easy to follow with a map. From there, on the snow, I had to dodge trees to the summit, including some open patches of reasonably high-angle snow; this might be hard to do on skis.

Scant views exist to the north from places in the AZ; some views of Helens exist to the south on the trip up. VHF into Portland is decent, I had trouble working some activators in Tillamook, considering this summit is low compared to others around, but I had full bars LTE. I was strong into 145.25 on Red Mountain the whole time, and workable 146.98 PRA network repeater performance, to strong from the summit. APRS I would expect strong!