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Timbered Peak, WA | September 2021

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This is almost a drive-up, with a 200-ft scramble through what is currently totally-burnt forest. In a few years, this will probably be thick low trees. Drive as in my report of nearby Sister Rocks, but turn north onto NF-6406 to NF-214, which leads almost to the summit. All of these roads are passable to the average passenger car. Park at the end of the road, and head west up the slope. The route is steep and the soil is especially loose because of the burn, but you can get up it with care. You can pretty much see the summit from the bottom, and you don't have far to go. The south end seems to not have had any trees on it, and a bunchgrass meadow remains there, from which you can see Mt. Hood. There is plenty of room for any antenna, but bring a chair or find some bark to sit on; the ground is still quite sooty from the burn.