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Peak 3495, OR | Dec 2013

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Spotty, may not work at all
Data Cellular Coverage: 
Spotty, may not work at all
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APRS Coverage: 
Don't know

Enjoy bushwacking? Like to climb over (and under!) a maze of large, downed trees? We've got a great SOTA summit for you in the Clackamas River area. Well, actually, there are probably dozens like this, but here's one with directions.

Travel east on Highway 224 about 6.5 miles outside of Estacada and turn right onto NF-4610. Head up the hill about 7.1 miles to continue on NF-4611 (sign on a small post). Onward about 2.1 miles to turn onto NF-4612 (hard to see sign) and go about 2.7 miles. You'll find a place to park just before crossing Boyer Creek at a large berm that marks the road that's closed that you hoped would be open. Cross these berms and continue on foot up that road about a quarter mile. 

Note that NF-4611 appears to cross the closed road described above - that might be a somewhat shorter way to reach the summit.

Although it may not look much look like an intersection, right around 45.19349 -122.08260 there is a switchback starting to the right - take it. And then farther up, another 0.6 miles up the closed road, near 45.18986 -122.09364 you might take a switchback to the left and continue up a short distance until you are ready to bushwack up the slope to your right to the summit. It's only about 0.2 miles, but there are plenty of downed trees to make picking out a path difficult. Some are six foot diameter cedars left from long ago logging operations - hard to climb over those.

Note that AT&T also had spotty coverage for voice and data on the summit.