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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

A pleasant activation nearly any time of year near Draper, Utah. In January there was snow enough for snowshoes or cross-country skiing to the summit - in summer hiking or a mountain bike could work for the 1.4 mile one-way.

The trailhead starts at Maple Hollow Trailhead Park and the 'trail' is a partially developed road - Deer Ridge Drive. The Park is at the intersection of Deer Ridge Drive and Elk Glen Drive, Draper, UT.

Proceed past the gate along Deer Ridge Drive one mile - it winds up through the hills. There are two right turns off of Deer Ridge Drive - the second one leads to a lesser track heading to the summit. The summit has a steel monument structure that you can see from the trail.

The summit is level and on the January day that I activated, very pleasant in the sun with no wind and fantastic views, including a number of ten pointers in Mount Timpanogos and Box Elder Peak. The monument might be used to support an antenna and there are some low trees that could support a pole. Twenty-one QSO on 20 and 40 meters and one S2S, but no one could be raised on 2m FM.

Deer Ridge Drive - now a trail
Summit trail - summit monument can be faintly seen.
MTR at the summit!