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Blue Mounds, WI | November 2014

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Don't know

Blue Mounds State Park is an easy drive up summit about 30 miles east of Madison, Wisconsin. It's a state park that has camping, picnicing and two observation towers (one at each end of the summit) that would be great for VHF contacts.

Take County Road F north from US-151. You can easily follow the signs less than two miles to the park. At the summit there is a large loop with picnic areas - the summit proper is at the center of the loop so anywhere would be in the activation zone. There is also a wooden observation tower on the east side of the summit. 

There is a $7 entry fee for residents (based on license plate) and $10 for non-residents (I think that license plates determine resident or non-resident status). If you use the trails for cross-country sking or mountain biking, it appears that there is an additional charge. Permits are self-issuing when the office is closed and the park is open from 6am to 10pm year 'round.

Blue Mounds activation site
Blue Mounds east observation tower