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Palouki, Greece | August 2015

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Palouki (Παλούκι, stake or fencepost) is an easy summit within walking distance of Skopolestown on Skopoles Island. The T1 trail will get you there. 

There's also a road towards Moni Sotiros that the trail crosses several times. This road gets progressively worse the higher you drive so pick the trailhead that works for your vehicle and remember you can easily walk from town without the need for a car. Some of the road is paved and most can probably be driven carefully in a passenger car. To start from the ferry the total trail length is 5.3km and elevation gain is 554m. If starting your hike in town, access is via the T1 Trail that has signs at convenient places and there is a map under the moped shelter at the ferry terminal (pictured). The 'trail' follows the beach road toward the southeast along the harbor.

The T1 trail can also be started in several places along the road that heads to Moni Sotiros and towards the summit - in fact, about 0.7km of T1 follows the road. Note that the sign for "Palouki" at the left branch of the Y goes to Moni Evggelismou Tis Theotokou - you want the right branch at the Y to Moni Sotiros. The easiest for driving and still do some hiking would be to start the T1 from a sharp switchback near 39.120475, 23.748972 (trail length 3.1km, gain 430m). The next might be at a road junction with a shelter near 39.122608, 23.755984 (trail length 1.8km, gain 220m). And the last could be near a large cistern at the location 39.116985, 23.764550. From this last location the summit is about 0.8km and gain 170m. 

You'll find a nice shelter at the top and a short distance away was the trig point. Only 20m CW was done from the summit - calls were made on 2m FM with no response.

T1 Trail map found at ferry terminal
T1 Trail
T1 Trail
Along the T1 Trail
Palouki summit shelter