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Velanidia, Greece | September 2015

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Velanidia (Βελανιδιά or oak tree) is a near drive-up near Volos, Greece. The total road distance is about 6km, but depending you your vehicle, you may want to stop earlier and enjoy a short hike.

Starting from Nea Anchialos heading east towards Volos on Highway 30, watch for the overpass with the "Entering Volos" sign. There is a sharp right turn just after this overpass that will take you up and over the highway. From Volos, head west on Highway 30 to the overpass. The overpass is near 39.302639, 22.913646. The road proceeds uphill to the northwest from here, with some switchbacks and turns.

The 6km dirt road is suitable for a passenger car for perhaps 3km, after which it gets rutted and very rough. Since it is not far to the summit and the road is easy walking, you might find a good place to park and hike the remainder. Or you could go nearly to the summit in a high clearance vehicle. A GPS may be useful to be sure you are headed towards the summit. There are communication towers just below the summit trig point.

A goat path to the left above the upper-most communications building will get you to the summit without walking through too many of the sharp oak tree leaves. There are several nice rocks to sit upon at the summit. All QSOs were on 20m CW with no responses heard on 2m FM. There are great views of Volos from the summit.

Overpass to summit access road
Namesake scrub oak trees - very sharp leaves!
Working 20m CW from the summit