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Grivets, FR | May 2019

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Grivets is a simple "SOTA-car" (drive-up) summit about 30km south of Grenoble, France. There's nothing remarkable about this one-pointer, but it could be a quick activation stop along the A51.

 When the A51 expressway ends to become a two lane road, take the third exit in the roundabout and head into the village of Monestier-de-Clermont on D1075. Turn right onto Chemin de Ferrier and cross the train tracks, heading south 1.7km to turn left onto Aux Fays. The road degrades into former pavement on the way to the summit but it was passable in our rental car - you'll keep left again to head uphill after 700m to the gate for the TV transmitter - altogether about 1km from the turn onto Aux Fays. 

 To use trees to support our HF antenna, we activated a short distance from the gate. We experienced no interference from the transmitter, and in fact, couldn't see it because of the fog. We did not use 2m. 


Waiting for the crossing
Sign at Aux Fays
Gate at Summit for TV Transmitter
Operating at Grivets