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N.D. des Anges, FR | May 2019

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

 One of our favorite summits in France, you can visit the winery and then hike up the road to the chapel and play radio! You can even stay overnight in accommodations at the winery. The hike is all of 1km with about 90m of rise. At the chapel there's a bench and some shade - a perfect spot to activate after wine!

It's perhaps easiest to find the summit by finding the winery: Chemin Notre Dame des Anges, 84570 Mormoiron. That's about an hour east of Avigion.

From the winery, take the gravel road heading west, past the pool, and up several switchbacks to the chapel. There are plenty of trees for setting up antennas and some RF equipment, but we experienced no interference on HF (we didn't try 2m). There is decent T-mobile coverage for spots and alerts.

The Winery (closed on Sunday):

Their accommodations:


Winery Courtyard
Approaching the Chapel
Operating from the ND des Anges Bench