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Peak 2260, OR | November 2019

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Spotty, may not work at all
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Spotty, may not work at all
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Don't know

UPDATE Dec 2022: There is now a closed (unsigned) gate a ways up Mills Bridge Road. It is recommended to park on the highway and this activation becomes an 8 mile RT. 2200 foot gain road walk. 

This WAS a drive-up summit near Tillamook in the Coast Range. Don't confuse this Peak 2260 with the other two that share it's name but arre W7O/NC-100 and 101. 

Take Mills Bridge Road south from Highway 6 about 3.2 miles. You'll stay on the main track as you ascend this steep rocky road. You should be able to drive in a passenger car as long as it can handle a steep, rough grade.

Around 3.2 miles as you circle around the east end of the peak there will be a branch road to the left heading upward. This has a higher center, that most passenger cars should be okay with. After about 0.3 miles the road will start heading down - you are only a few feet from the summit and there is a wide spot to park. The cutbank is very steep here - I found a game trail to ascend to the summit proper.  

Using a telescopic 1/2 wave antenna I was able to reach two folks on 2m FM in Tillamook on 146.52 and after spotting, two others in the Valley. That might be a rare occurrence, so consider HF to make four contacts from this Coast Range summit.

Game Trail to summit.
Summit proper.