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Cinnamon Butte, OR | July 2017

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

This is a fun activation with an manned fire lookout (active during summer only of course) a few miles north of Crater Lake National Park. If the lookout is occupied and the gate is open, it would be a drive-up. If the gate is locked, it's a mere 1.7 miles of road walking OW and 900 feet gain. Along Highway 138 and about 11 miles north of Highway  209 that enters Crater Lake National Park, find Cinnamon Butte LO Road (FS 4793). After about 1.7 miles you'll turn left to the gate - here the road turns a bit rough but it has been driven in a carefully piloted passenger car. After another 1.7 miles you will find the summit and Cinnamon Butte Lookout. It's up to the lookout stationed to either welcome folks coming up by car during the summer fire season or not to be welcoming. The gate will be locked when there's no one on site. Always wait to be invited up to any lookout before you climb the steps.  Sometimes you'll be able to work some 2m FM from here - I've worked back to Portland metro area about 160 miles with 5W and 3el yagi from the catwalk of the lookout.  There are plenty of trees to support antennas on the summit and some large RF sites so you may have cell service if one of them is your carrier.

Mount Thielsen from the catwalk