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SOTA Activation: Wilderness Peak, King County, Washington - January 25, 2015

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Good, very usable
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Quck activation of my "Neigborhood SOTA Summit".  It takes me less than 10 minutes to arrive at TH from home. On a very warm day for nearly the end of January (60+ degrees F), we set out from Anti Aircraft TH, Cougar Mountain Regional Park.  Our route was abot 7 miles circuit of the upper reaches of the Park.  Wilderness Peak is about 1,600 foot in elevation and a 1 point SOTA summit.

There were droves of hikes, joggers and dog walkers out, as it was a glorious and sunny day. All contacts were 2M FM, using my second generation Arrow Antennas 146-4BP, 4 element yagi antenna.  This is a second iteration of this antenna which I have been using for years. It just arrived via USPS a few days ago, and I wanted to test it out. It was coupled to my ICOM IC-V85 7 watt 2M transceiver.

Thank you very much to all those I worked today!


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Warm on Wilderness Peak?

A great day to be outside!  Hope the new antenna worked well - what time were you on the summit?  I tried 146.52 at about 1:30 from Granite and didn't make any contacts.