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5194 - Wallowa Co, OR | November 2013

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

5194 is very close to the two Findley Buttes and it would be very easy to activate all three on the same day (but see K7ATN's entry for Findley Buttes West as access is a bit ambiguous). Like the Findley Buttes, it's part of the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve - read about it here: Head east on Highway 82 about 3 miles from Enterprise to turn left onto Crow Creek Road and head mostly east about four miles. Turn onto Zumwalt-Imnaha Road and go another 16 miles or so. A GPS might be useful here to make certain you are heading to the correct summit. You'll find a place to park just east of the summit where two gates are opposite (don't block the gates). Head up the road towards the summit and then take the informal trail that leads up to the rimrock just below the summit. You'll find that skirting the rimrock to the south makes for an easier ascent to the actual summit. Total hiking distance is about 0.8 miles with 700 feet of elevation gain. There are good places to sit here, but no trees or even shrubs to support antennas. The views from here, just like anywhere in Wallowa County, are fantastic.  Pictured are K7ATN, K7NIT, KC7DM and KD7WD - quite a crew for this activation.