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Miller Peak - Montana 2July2020

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
Data Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
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APRS Coverage: 
Don't know

Miller Peak is a large commercial communications site.  Given that, the road accessible to the public is narrow, brushy and with few places to pass on coming vehicles.  The road can become a bit crowded in later summer if a huckleberry crop along the road entices pickers. 

I suspect that access to the commercial site is from the north which is inaccessible to the public. Caution: There are two different communication sites behind the gate.  If the gate is open near the summit and you elect to drive through insure that a vehicle will not come out ahead of you and 'trap' you behind the gate.  It could make for a long wait.  

The summit has few distant views as it is heavily forested.  

Elevation gain:  200’

Off trail miles:  Less than 0.5 round trip

Water:  There is no good water source.       

Bear Pepper Spray:  Highly recommended in all Montana summits. 

Maps:  US Forest Service, Lolo National Forest, Missoula Ranger District

Directions:  From Missoula take the upper Miller Creek Road onto County Road 37 to its end and then follow FS roads 364 to 4245 to Holloman Saddle approximately 5 miles.  At Holloman Saddle travel road 2127, 2172 & 2134 approximately 4.5 miles to a road closure gate just below the summit.  Walk the road to the summit, about 0.5 mile or go up the road a few hundred feet to an open grassy slope and hike up to the summit directly, about 0.1 mile.