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Summit 7112, Montana | June 2021

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Summit 7112 is at the head of Ninemile Creek and overlooks the Clark Fork valley to the north. It is a pleasant hike on cooler summer days.  The on-trail and off-trail are currently exposed with very little tree cover. It will remain open until lodgepole pine regeneration grows for another decade or two.  The summit offers good views of the Mission Mountains and summits of the Reservation Divide.  Snags are abundant so exercise caution especially on windy days. 

Hike miles roundtrip:  1 on-trail #98 and 1 mile off-trail

Elevation gain: 350’ on-trail, 750’ off-trail

Water: none along the trail

Bear Spray: Recommended for all Montana hikes

Directions: from Interstate 90 east of French town take exit # and travel 1.75 mile along the Frontage Road.  The travel the Westside Ninemile Road for 4.5 miles to the junction of the main Ninemile Road.  Travel north up this road for approximately 22 miles to Siegel Pass.  An alternative from the Frontage Road is to take the Remount Road to the Historic Remount Depot and Ninemile Ranger Station. This is a great stop for information and the Historic Museum of US Forest Service horse and mule operations since 1932. After this stop continue up the Ninemile Road to Siegel Pass.