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Round Top, OR | April 2023

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Don't know
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Spotty, may not work at all
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Don't know

Round top is drive + short hike on a logging road. It offers clear decent views with plenty of space to spread out your gear. The road became impassble due to snow about 1.5 miles from the summit (with an AWD Subaru). So this added about an extra mile trudging through snow (6-18") that we hadn’t anticipated, but it was a nice day and the walk up was quite nice really. Elevation gain for the hike was about 500ft.


Driving in we followed the directions described by K7ATN, and I’ll add be careful to follow Round Top Road once you turn onto it (it was labelled correctly in Google and Gaia, downloading map for offline use suggested). There are some other local roads that shoot off including one that had more recently been maintained and seemed to be the main road to follow, but was not.


The peak has been logged, which means clear views and plenty of stumps which you can use as little tables to set your radio on. Easily got my 4 QSOs on 2m, and didn’t seem to have any issues with interference from the radio equipment on the summit with my HT.

Car stuck  in drift of wet snow in a dip in on a gravel road in the forest
Man hiking in the snow with a fallen tree across the trail
Snowy trail showing peak with gate at the top and radio tower on peak
FT-857D radio sitting on a stump with wire dipole antenna set up behind