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A quick Activation of an unactivated nearby peak

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I was off work today and all the kids were at school. I had a doctor's appointment at 0915 and did not have anything else planned for the remainder of the day. I decided that I would head down and recon this unnamed summit in the South side of Capital Forest. Capital Forest has a handful of one and two pointers and this is the last one that I had not activated. Capital Forest is a State Forest that has opportunities for everyone; horseback riders, off road ATVers, hikers, bikers etc. I approached this summit from the East side but quickly found that there is a Correctional Facility that blocks the access road that I was on, so I backtracked and went around to the North and then came in from the West with no Problem (PIC of track attached). There was some logging in the area but my route did not take me through any of that. Without a high clearance vehicle you may have to stop a little farther down then I did. Prepare to do a little bushwacking. I came at the summit from the East but I would recommend parking at the gravel pit (easy to see on the map) and walk around the outside to the yourself some bushwacking! No views up here but if you must do an easy one point summit on the south side of Capital forest this is the one. All the rest are up on the North Side. I had 3 S2S with KT0A in SD, K6EL in CA, and NS7P in OR. 15 total contacts. 20m seemed to be doing well today. I will continue to hit the small 1-2 pointers in the Olympic National Forest over the Winter months. Keeps me doing SOTA. 

I will update my Capital Forest Blog with the info that I learned today (may take me a day or two):