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Long Mountain, Oregon | August 2019

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Long Mountain has finally been activated! A 12 mile round trip for 1 point that costs $75 just to step foot past the logging road gate. A quiet hike with not a soul to disturb you while you take a long walk on the mostly exsposed logging roads. You will see wildlife, mostly birds, along with a stunning view of Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams if the weather is clear.

First step in order to hike to Long Mountain you will need a permit, issued by Weyerhaesuser.  Permits are first come first serve, and once the permits are all gone you will have to wait till next year. At the time of writing this, walk-in permits are $75, and vehicle permits to drive in are $300. The permits only cover you and your immediate family (spouse and children). If you want to hike in with your brother/sister or a friend, they each need their own permit.

Driving Directions: From Scappoose Oregon, take the Scappoose Vernonia hwy towards Vernonia. Approximately 15 miles up you will see a sign for Scaponia campground, about 1/4-1/2 mile past the campground on the left you will see a gravel road with a large white logging road gate. There is plenty of room to park without blocking the gate.

Trail: You hike the entire time on a gravel logging road which is mostly exposed, so bring a hat if its going to be hot and sunny. Not many chances to fill up on water, so pack it in. I found one stream that was accessible without going through the brush and it was next to the road and I saw some oily smears (probably from the rock used for the road). The majority of the hike you won't see anything outstanding, just lots of trees. Once you get close to the summit, your view starts to get better and you can see a few mountains in the distance.

Summit: The summit is wooded, there is some space right off the road to setup, but we (KF7UXS and KF7UXR) decided to bushwack into the forest about 40 yards to get a better view. There are plenty of trees to throw up a wire antenna, no need for a telescopic pole in my opinion. 

I posted a brief write up and pictures on the Sota Reflector.