Permit Required

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Jack Mountain, WA: Access Permit Required


The Weyerhaeuser gated entrance is about 3 miles east of the Dole Valley Rd turn from the NE Sunset Falls Rd.  It appears that Jack Mountain is located on Weyerhaeuser private property and based on the below picture of the signs, access is not allowed without a Weyerhaeuser Recreational Access Permit.  Jack Mountain is in the Yacolt Permit area.  Their website says the permits are "Sold Out".  I also saw a permit price of $300 which is beyond my SOTA budget!

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Fuller Mountain, WA | May 2020


Another nice little peak in the Snoqualmie Forest, located in the Campbell Global logging property. The "trail" to the summit has been re-done recently, making it far easier to find than my last trip there 2 years ago - Thanks to whoever did this!  This trip is best done as "bike-n-hike". Easy 2 mile bike ride along loggin roads to the "trailhead".

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Long Mountain, Oregon | August 2019


Long Mountain has finally been activated! A 12 mile round trip for 1 point that costs $75 just to step foot past the logging road gate. A quiet hike with not a soul to disturb you while you take a long walk on the mostly exsposed logging roads. You will see wildlife, mostly birds, along with a stunning view of Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams if the weather is clear.