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Bull Mountain, Utah | August 2023

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K7JTO first activated this summit in June 2020 along with Peak 9335 (W7U/BO-002) and George Peak (W7U/NU-045). His write-up can be found in the Resources section of the SotaMaps peak reference.  He provides a very good description of all the peaks along with some great pictures.  The following is additional information that may help in planning.

Directions:  From Snowville, UT head 39 miles west to Standrod, UT (41.99396, -113.42172). From Standrod, take FS 005 (One Mile Road) south. Continue SW for 5.76 miles on FS 005 to a “T” with FS 011 (41.93572, -113.47771). Note: FS 011 is not for the faint-hearted and absolutely requires high-clearance and 4WD. Though lockers are not required, 4L was engaged multiple times. Head SE on FS 011 for 5.85 miles to a WYE intersection (41.90713, -113.40930). Note: At 4 miles, you’ll pass the bushwhack access to Peak 9335 (W7U.BO-002). Turn left at the WYE onto Bench Road. Note: Turning right will take you to George Peak (W7U/NU-045). Head east 2.5 miles and find a place to park.  This is high altitude cattle grazing.  It is a VERY short 200-foot flat hike to the summit.

Bull Mountain Summit