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Bald Mountain (Baldy), Idaho | July 2023

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Bald Mountain, above Sun Valley, Idaho, is one of the most interesting and picturesque activations I’ve ever done.  There is no need to describe access due to the myriad of information available on-line (i.e., hike/snowshoe, mountain bike, drive, etc.) If you choose to hike, there is a foot traffic permit required.  Though it costs to ride the gondola/chair lift up, there is no cost to ride them down.  We decided to make the activation a family affair and took the gondola to the Roundhouse restaurant, transferred to the Christmas chair lift, and then hiked the .44 miles along the road to the true summit, which is a fire lookout.  The summit was riddled with antennas, so I set up a bit below the summit and off the road.  There are some 10-foot-high wood posts to attach a mast to, which worked perfectly. As is usual in this part of Idaho, VHF/UHF proved worthless, but I found success on 20-meters and 40-meters. The bands went quiet after about a half hour.  On the way back the family ate at the restaurant.  After paying for the gondola, chair lift and eating at the restaurant, this was the most expensive cost per SOTA point ever!