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Copper Creek Peak, WA September 2019

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Our first snow of the year. I have done all the 8 point summits in the upper Dungeness area that I can get to with a day hike except this one. It seemed like a relatively easy one, 6 miles in with a half mile off trail to the summit. It was a good day for it. About a foot of power snow at the summit, but the ground under the snow wasn't  frozen yet, so I could still get good traction without crampons. 

I brought my tent to get out of the wind. I needed it, or else I barely would have been able to stay long enough to get 2 meter contacts, let alone 20 and 40 m cw. The road up to the trailhead had snow on my way up. I was a bit concerned about getting stuck in the parking lot if it kept snowing,  but I had chains for my Prius, and the snow on the road ended up melting by the time I hiked out at 9 pm.