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Peak 7102 IDAHO 8/8/2022

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W7I/SI-151 is located near Lava Hot Springs Idaho. The summit is on Idaho Public Land but accessed through posted private land. You MUST get permission from the land owner who is generally reasonable when permission is asked and he has no cultivated crops.

From Pocatello Idaho take I-15 to McCammon Idaho then proceed East on highway 30 towards Lava Hot Springs. Take a right after mile marker 368, Maughan Road and go a couple hundred yards and you will see a road that heads South that parallels a settling pond with large solar panels. After you go through the gate you will be on private property. The landowner can generally see any vehicle coming or going so permission is needed.

I generally park near some farm equipment on the right hand side of the road.. If you look hard south through the sagebrush you will see the remnants of an old road that heads to an old tower platform. After reaching this road you will go approximately a mile north until you reach the old platform.  From here you will bushwhack and head south again up the ridgeline. The summit will be in sight most the way up. Be warned that once you hit the main summit ridge you will be very exposed on either side by steep drop offs so stay on the ridge spine and use caution.

There are a lot of old fire snags on and around the summit so you can use a mast or throw a line.

The land owners name is Brett Casperson and he lives a couple of miles down Maughan Road on the right hand side of the road before you reach the Lava golf course sign.

Enjoy !

Bill N0DNF