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W7O/CE-278, 5580 - 1701m, 4 Points 1st Activation November 2018

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"5580" is a four-point summit approximately 25 miles northeast of Prineville, OR. It is fairly easy to reach by roads with a short pack to the summit. The summit was activated for the 1st time on 24-Nov-2018 by Roland - K7FOP and myself Shelby -N7SHG.

From 3rd Street (US 26) and Main Street in the center of Prineville, proceed east on US 26 for 29.5 miles to USFS Road 2630 on the right, turn right and proceed southeast on USFS Road 2630 for 3.5 miles to intersection with USFS Road 2210, continue south now on USFS Road 2210 for 0.2 miles to intersection with USFS Road 2610-300 on the right, turn right and proceed southwesterly 2.0 miles on USFS Road 2610-300 to intersecting USFS Road 2610-303 on the left, turn left and proceed south 0.9 miles on USFS Road 2610-303 to end of road travel. There is not really a parking area, just shoulder of what is really a one vehicle wide track road. Look for a slight ridge crossing the road as the ridge line to northwest will lead to summit with the gentlest access (but not shortest distance form the 2610-303 road). Parking location is  44°26'0.6"N, 120°22'35.4"W. Hike up ridgeline to northwest approximately 1800 feet to the summit with an elevation gain of about 200 feet from the road. The summit isn't super defined, just pick what looks to be the high elevation, plenty of trees and not really much in way of views. 2m contacts into Central Oregon are possible with just a HT and stock antennas, with a better antenna it may be possible to activate entirely on 2m, however all contacts would likely be to the west in Prineville, Redmond, Bend area. Overall, a fairly easy four pointer. There was a few inches of snow on the ground but no issues with a small 4x4 pickup in driving the roads.

We had a difficult time getting a spot out, on Sprint we had very finicky service and on T-Mobile we had no service. We tried using APRS to spot, but it also was very finicky, not sure the spot ever posted, unless you have maybe Verizon service, I wouldn't count on self spotting from the summit at the current time, late 2018.