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Burley Mountain, WA | Aug 2022

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On a recent trip to Riffe Lake, I had the opportunity to activate this summit.

We started from Randal and headed south on 131 (aka NF-25).  Google maps routed us on NF-2305 and then a long detour around Crispus.  Don't go that way unless you want to sight see and have extra gas.  Instead take NF-76 to NF-77 and head up the hill.  Once on NF-77, continue until the junction with NF-7605.  Here, if you are in a passenger car you may wish to park and hike on up.  We continued on until a spur junction at (46.398377, -121.870010) and drove to the summit.  There are multiple cutouts for drainage control that might high-center a car.

At the summit, I picked a tree to help raise my EFHW and then proceeded to make a few contacts on 20m/40m and a few S2S including on 2m.

After that, we packed up and headed down to activate French Butte (W7W/LC-024) which is a short distance from there.

NOTE: another trip report suggests that it is possible to sleep overnight in the Lookout shack.  However, at the time of this writing, it is being renovated and may not be suitable for that purpose.