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Trap Mt, OR | July 2023

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Decent, workable
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During the 2023 W7O SOTA Campout, we had the opportunity to activate Trap Mt.

This is an easy drive, though there are spots where the manzanita closes in on the roadway.  Your vehicle's paint may not like it much.  Otherwise, it has good gravel all the way to the trailhead.  Take a left from Hwy 138 West onto NF-900, then a right onto Big Camas Rd (NF-3701).   Take another left onto NF-3704 and follow that around and turn left on NF-230 and yet another left onto NF-250 and a final left on to NF-290.  Google Maps was right this time!

We pulled one large tree trunk aside and made it to the turnaround (43.216769, -122.296490) and parked.

The best way up is to continue hiking inline with the road and curve around to the left.  The path is an overgrown logging road but is easy going.  Follow your GPS to the summit and prepare to climb over some blowdown trees.  The remaining hike is around 1/4 mile.  There is no view but there are several meadows from which to choose your operating position.

We were able to quickly raise other activators in the area on 2m.  During a normal day, it probably requires HF to get out.

After this activation, we went back down to NF-3704 and followed it south to activate Garwood Butte (W7O/CS-036).

See my other trip report on that one.