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(New) Frog Lake Buttes, OR | NYE Dec 2023

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Good, very usable
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Due to the recent relocation of Frog Lake Buttes from one butte to the other earlier this year, I was anxious to do another double activation on New Year's Eve.  See my previous report for details on the route.  The only difference is you must continue on from the radio towers down to the saddle and on up the other butte.  Still very worth it for 14 pts.

Since the weather was clear and there wasn't much snow on the ground until the very top, we decided to follow the hiking path instead of the road.   You start at the sno-park as usual and around (45.22190, -121.68396) the 530 hiking trail crosses the road and we headed up the trail.  At around the first switch back (45.22005, -121.67090), we headed east bushwacking toward the saddle.  At the top, there is an abandoned logging road which goes to a clearing on the saddle.  This combination would have shaved about 2 miles off the RT.  However, on the way down in the dark, we decided to stick to the trail from the radio tower.  So we only saved a mile instead.  We took snowshoes but didn't end up using them.  It was icy in a few spots.

The operating conditions were very favorable on 2m, what with 4 or 5 activator groups on nearby summits, a N-way pileup quickly ensued.  So we were able to get our required contacts very quickly.  It made the event very fun for the younger members of our party and, despite the cold, our newest member asked when we were going again.  So I consider that a success!

NOTE: remember to bring your Sno-Park pass for parking.

NOTE2: open truck bed not recommended, some jerks left us a bag of dirty diapers and trash.