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Peak 5784, Oregon | August 2021

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Don't know
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

If you find yourself on US-26 at Dixie Summit (the pass), just east of Prairie City, you could activate Dixie Butte,, with your high clearance vehicle, or you could park your Prius and bushwhack 1.5 miles RT and 550 ft. of elevation gain to 5784.

 There is a wide spot on the south side of the road right at the summit. A forest road goes south from there but you can just park. I walked a short distance down this road and turned on an ATV track. This ended quickly at a large downed tree. From here there was a path heading up. It quickly disappeared, but the cross country going was not bad. I was able to skirt the clusters of small trees rather than push through them. The higher I climbed the better the conditions. Eventually, I hit a fence line with a path. That then turned into an ATV track that I believe goes to the top. However, when it started contouring after a bunch of straight up, I headed straight up. There is an ATV track on top, so it is likely the same one. I operated from the exact peak which had a view west. On the way down I followed the ATV track north to the end of the ridge. This had a better view and was still in the AZ. However, if you are looking for trees for antenna support the actual peak serves better.



Dixie Summit Peak