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Peak 4620, OR (Blue Box Summit) | February 2017

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Peak 4620 (near Blue Box Pass -- therefore, Blue Box Summit) is a backcountry snowshoe activation that can be done in the winter if you don't mind using a GPS and are comfortable with off-trail navigation. It's about 1.7 miles one way and 700 feet gain.

Park at the Frog Lake SnoPark, about 12 miles east of Government Camp on Highway 26 (in winter, an Oregon SnoPark Pass is required). Cross Highway 26 to the trailhead for Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) - it's quite obscure in the winter but it starts near the highway sign for Frog Lake. Here's a spot where a GPS will be very useful. The Blue Box Trail proceeds more or less towards the summit, so a GPS lead you directly. The AZ is roughly 300 meters in diameter - once we passed into the clearcut area we set up and operate. We found no T-Mobile cell service and surprisingly, no APRS coverage, so self-spotting was a problem.

For those that want to try this summit without snow, here's the trip report for a near drive-up experience:

Also accessed from the Frog Lake SnoPark is Frog Lake Buttes. It may be a bit much to do both summits during the shorter days of winter however:


Roland-KG7FOP and Kevin-KE7K just short of the summit
Roland-KG7FOP and Jenny-K7GEN working 'em on 20m
Routing to Peak 4620
Etienne-K7ATN, Roland-KG7FOP, Kevin-KE7K